Damixa makes tap design that not only appeal to the senses, but also makes sense. For more than 85 years, Damixa has been devoted to a philosophy, defined by honest and straightforward materials, flawless craftsmanship and a design that suits the ergonomics of the object’s intended use. 

Eden Outcast

The Danish interior brand, Eden Outcast, focuses on developing true design where each product has its own story to tell. Driven by a love for the design process, Eden Outcast creates products which are intended a long life span and are recognisable. Keywords are details, surfaces and shapes – always with quality in mind.

Eva Solo

Since 1949, Eva Solo has been making an aesthetic difference to kitchens. Now, the design brand takes their passion for design to the rest of the home by launching a new collection of furniture and lighting with focus on craftsmanship, materials and design.


KLASSIK Studio has a sincere passion for Danish design and craftmanship. With honest respect for the history, and with access to modern production techniques, KLASSIK Studio brings new life to old design as well as creating new products. Functionality, quality and timeless simplicity characterise the products of KLASSIK Studio.


Nordstjerne designs home accessories which combines functionality with a hint of decadence. The design brand is greatly inspired by the rawness of the Scandinavian and Nordic landscapes and wish to bring that unique feeling indoor with Nordstjerne’s simple yet elegant items that can fit any interior.


NORR11 is a Danish furniture brand that strives to reinvent and rethink Scandinavian design to create timeless pieces of furniture, combining the past and the present. The furniture brand collaborates with innovative young designers and work with the best manufacturers and suppliers to produce products of superb craftsmanship and quality.

Rug Solid

Rug Solid was established in 2012 by founder, Tina Steneman, with a vision to create new design standards by using only sustainable materials for their collection of rugs. Leading by example, Rug Solid believes it is their responsibility to challenge existing production processes as a design company.


The Dutch design brand SNURK is driven by creativity, humor and the desire to make unique duvet covers. The products stand out for their high quality cotton, unique photographic prints and clean designs. SNURK wants to make people fall asleep with a smile on their face.


WOUD offer a high range of quality furniture and interior design. WOUD collaborates with upcoming talents and established designers from a wide range of countries. Each of the designers have individual expressions – but all with a coherent modern interpretation of the Scandinavian design heritage.