Inside PR Celebrates 4th Birthday

Inside PR turns four years today and we celebrate this event by looking back at some of the highlights from the past four years. 

Our PR and communications agency was established in June 2012 where we started in Katrines private home. Already in August we landed our first client and in December we moved into our first office in Store Regnegade in Copenhagen. This was also the place where we celebrated the company’s first birthday, which we celebrated by inviting the press, clients and good friends of the company to celebrate our first birthday with bubbles, delicious food and sweet desserts. 

Shortly after in October 2013, we expanded our business and moved to a larger location in Store Kannikestræde in Copenhagen, where the company is still based today. The location was chosen because of the great facilities, which allowed us to establish a showroom. Furthermore, this location also enabled us to house our first Press Day in April 2014, which we still host twice a year. 2014 was also the year where we landed our first international client.

In January 2015, we offered our clients the possibility of a shared stand at the Northmodern Fair, where we had fun with arranging the stand and talking to the press during the fair. This experience was very educational and a beneficial experience for us, as we got an insight into how much work it takes to prepare a fair and we gained enormous respect for all of those people who prepares stands multiple times a year. 

In August 2015, we expanded further and establish contact to the Norwegian and Swedish market, which has been very exciting for us and rewarding for our clients. 

Now we write June 2016 in the calendar and our PR and communication agency is turning four years old. We will celebrate our birthday with the whole Inside PR team, and are looking forward with excitement to see what the future brings. A huge “thank you” to all clients and business partners, who have believed in us and been part of our journey.

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