Go Color - Inside PR Press Day November 2015

On November 5th, we welcomed the Danish press into our charming showroom, which we had styled in five different colour zones with the latest products from our clients. The ’Go Color’-theme was inspired by the different colours and contrasts that that characterises the upcoming season for our clients, and Flügger had sponsored painting to make the colour zones complete.  

With a focus on increasing awareness of our products, we had arranged a styling competition, where the press had the opportunity to win great products. Among the prizes were a hand woven throw from Zuzunaga, a pendant from Darø, an alpaca cushion from Skriver Collection, a graphic illustration from Paradisco Productions, a ceramic bowl from Ment and a lamp from Fabbian

During the day, we served colourful cocktails from Homemade Cocktails and delicious sliders from the food truck The Black Cock. Our goal was to give the press a sensual experience, where they could enjoy the good craftsmanship that characterises our clients’ products with delicious food and drinks.

In sum, it was a really successful press day and we are already looking forward to the next!

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