Inside PR's 5th birthday

This week we celebrate our 5th birthday and therefore we decided to share our five most remarkable experiences through the years.

The first memorable experience we want to enhance was our 1st birthday. We celebrated what should have been a summer party in our office and showroom due to bad weather. The day was spent with our guests with plenty of food and drinks. It was a lovely evening and definitely something we will never forget.

Another experience, which we are reminded of every morning when we arrive at work, was when we moved to our new showroom and office in the heart of Copenhagen. At first the rooms were completely empty and we wondered; are we ever going to fill out the space? Luckily we did and the location creates the most perfect setting for our client’s products, which also is something, the stylist’s benefits from.

The third experience we want to enhance was the Spring Press Lunch that we hosted. We invited the printed media into our showroom, which was transformed with the colours of the season and with various products from our clients. To facilitate a discussion about Danish design culture and what the future holds for the industry, we invited the editor in chief of the online niche magazine designETC, Charlotte Jul. We discussed the role of Danish design in an international context. We had a great, insightful discussion, even though we were nowhere near covering all aspects of the topic. It was a great experience, which underpinned our love for creativeness and innovation.

Our showroom is not only hosting photo shoots and our client’s products; we are also welcoming many different kinds of people. Therefore another memorable experience that we want to share with you was the visit of many Chinese journalists from TOPYS magazine. Our showroom was filled with Chinese people as they made a big interview with our client Vifa about the corporate history and the uniqueness of their designs. 

The last remarkable experience we want to point out was most definitely when we packed a private jet with influencers from both printed and online media and flew to Hamburg to attend the Artemide event, which celebrated the 30th anniversary of the Tolomeo lamp. It was a great experience with a lot of inspiring conversations with Artemide enthusiast from all over the world.


5 tips to improve your social media presence

Having a good social media presence can help your business grow. However, this will not happen overnight and it can be rather time-consuming to build your brand socially. But there are some simple steps that can help you and your business through the SoMe jungle. Our PR and Social Media Consultant Stephanie Møller Nielsen gives you 5 tips on how to improve – or even get started on - your presence on social media.

1. Identify goals and objectives

The first step in growing your business’s social media presence is to identify goals and objectives for using social media. What do you want to achieve? Do you want to increase sales? Or do you want to increase brand awareness? By knowing your goals, you can set clear objectives, and know what you are aiming for - before you start posting. This also makes it easier to measure your performance later.

2. Limit yourself

Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Youtube are all highly active social media networks, and they continue to grow! It can be difficult to choose which platforms to focus on, and although a platform is popular, it may not be the right fit for your company. So limit yourself! Ensure you know how each platform works; what audiences you can reach; and what your objectives are and you will be off to a great start. If time is limited, then only commit yourself to 1-2 networks.

3. Quality over quantity

It is a myth that you have to post every day. When making content, you should always focus on making high quality content. It can vary a great deal what content works best on social media. Images and videos on average get the most interaction. Therefore, adding an image, info graphic or video can help you convey the message. It is no coincidence the old saying goes ”a picture is worth a thousand words”.

4. Plan ahead

A great tool in succeeding on social media is to plan ahead. Making a content plan can help you utilise the content and keep track of your platform. Most social media platforms even allow you to make and schedule your content in advance. That way you can distribute your content more effectively. 

5. Engage

Posting high quality content is a step in the right direction, but it is only part of the job. Your presence online shouldn’t stop with your own content, you also need to engage with your followers! You should see social media as a flow, and liking, commenting and even sharing your followers’ posts is part of what makes social media work so well.

If you want help improving your social media presence for your design company or just knowing your opportunities online, please feel free to contact me here, and I will help explore your SoMe options.


If you have had your hands on a design and interior magazine recently, you are very likely to have come across the Danish design brand WOUD. WOUD is a client of ours, and this week, our showroom provided the framework for the very first event ever for the young company; an event with the title Meet the WOUDs’.

The purpose of the event was for the press to get the chance to meet the design family behind the brand and to learn about the values and vision that are the driving forces behind WOUD.  

Creative director, Mia Koed, who founded the company along with her husband Torben back in 2014, greeted the press along with Nicholas, Torben’s son, who manages all marketing-related aspects. Mia told her very personal story about the journey of taking the step from a safe and secure career with production and sales of private label furniture to building a new brand from the bottom.

One of the core visions behind WOUD is to combine designs from experienced designers with designs from fresh, up-and-coming design talents. At the event, WOUD had therefore also invited two of their designers, Rikke Frost; an experienced designer for both Danish and international brands, and Michael Daae Christensen, who is one of the rising talents of the WOUD design family. As the highlight of the day, Rikke Frost and WOUD presented their most recent collaboration, the beautiful and functional Verde Mirror; a must-see for design-enthusiasts and fans of the WOUD design universe.

During the event, the guests enjoyed light refreshments from Bornholms Mosteri and delicious finger food from Letz Minis, which were served amongst great designs from WOUD.

We truly enjoyed the day spent together with WOUD and the press and look forward to hosting many more events together in the future!

Spring Press Lunch at Inside PR

On a Spring Friday last week, we had invited the printed media into our showroom for our Spring Press Lunch. The showroom was transformed with the colours of the season and with various products and exciting news from our clients. 

To facilitate a discussion about Danish design culture and what the future holds for the industry, we had invited the editor in chief of the online niche magazine designETC, Charlotte Jul. In a lively debate, Charlotte Jul and our guests from the press discussed the role of Danish design in an international context: How is Danish design perceived outside of Denmark? How are iconic Danish design brands managing their cultural design heritage? And what can contemporary Danish design brands do to maintain and strengthen their position abroad? The main focus was on brands that take social responsibility by producing locally and using young, up-and-coming designer talents who interpret the Danish design culture from a new perspective. Many interesting views were presented and discussed, and though we were nowhere near covering all aspects of the topic, we had a great, insightful discussion. 

To stay in the theme of Danish design, the guests enjoyed a light lunch consisting of mini-sized versions of the Danish specialty ‘smørrebrød’, delivered by Danish Minies. The delicious minies were accompanied by refreshing drinks and aquavit, prepared and served by VI.ER AKVAVIT. Wishing to share the sensory experience of the Nordics with the world, VI.ER AKVAVIT produces aquavits distilled and infused with herbs and plants from Denmark and the Nordics.  

We want to say a big thank you to everyone who took part in our event. To our lovely guests, who wanted to spend their day with us. To Charlotte Jul, who shared with us her interesting insights and perspectives on the design industry. To VI.ER AKVAVIT for serving at the event. To Danish Minies for the tasty food. To Broste Copenhagen for lending us beautiful cutlery and springy-coloured linen tablecloths and napkins. And to Roam for providing glasses to serve the aquavit in. THANK YOU. 

5 steps to improve and use your network

At Inside PR, our business is built on our network and the deep relationships we have with the press, our clients and collaborative partners in the design industry. No doubt that it is time consuming to nurture and grow the network, but you can even do some very easy steps to use it more effectively. Our Head of Relations and Partner, Charlotte Falck Andersen, takes you through 5 simple steps to improve and use your network.

1. Research is key

A good place to start your research on people is on social media and newsletters. Follow your network's activities and keep yourself updated on what exciting projects people are up to. Be sure to enrol in all relevant places, so you are served with all information in your feeds and your inbox. Remember what people tell you – especially the personal stuff. This is important knowledge for the next time you meet, as it shows strokes of good fortune and dedication that you have actually listened to what the person has told.

2. Connect people 

A good networker helps other people connect. Share your knowledge and your network and help others by connecting the right people with each other. Always think first about how you can link your new relationships with people in your network before you think of what you can get out of it. Your helpfulness will come back to you ten-fold.

3. (Ab)use your network?

Use your network, but do not abuse it! Respect that people are busy and do not waste people’s time. The relationships you have are not a one-way street and you must always keep in mind that it is not what people can do for you, but what you can do for each other. Appreciate your network and do not take it for granted.

4. Go offline

It is no secret that social media is an obvious and important place to network - but do not forget the real world! Nothing beats the personal relationship created face-to-face over a cup of coffee or at an event. Most people find it more enjoyable to have a living person in front of them rather than a screen. So get out of the office as often as possible!

5. Be patient

Take your time when creating new relationships. Keep in mind that Rome was not built in one day and neither is your network. Although your network does not provide a return today, it may do tomorrow.

If you want to know more about how our network can help you and your design company, feel free to contact me. We will provide the coffee